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The weather is changing  !!!

Parents, Weather permitting we will be outside everyday please dress your children accordingly. 

Breakfast is served from 6:30am- 8:30am if you want your children to eat breakfast please have them here on time we will not be able to serve Breakfast after 8:30 am.

    No outside food or snacks is allowed due to food allergies there are no exceptions. Please let your child eat their food before they enter the center.

Please keep in mind that the weather is changing if your children are sick please keep them home, if your children have a fever, vomiting, or extremely green mucus you will be called to pick your children up and they cannot return for 24 hours. 

Payments are due on Monday.

Please check your handbook for health information, if you need another handbook please see the office. If you have any questions, please see Miss. Cereta Johnson

Thank you